Sunday, December 30, 2012

Holiday Trip to KL, Malaysia + Haul

I'll make it short..if my posts can get any shorter. Sometimes I feel like I'm using this space to post pictures and keep track of what I have done.'s something I guess. 

Haul from various shops, including, TheFaceShop, Elianto, HolikaHolika. All 3 shops are from Korea. I saw plenty fake OPI there.. Too bad I didn't take a photo to put it here. 

My little sis hands.. This is done with TheFaceShop GR501, China Glaze Flyin' High and Lemon Fizz, OPI Pandamonium Pink. Note: I know her nails sucks and I didn't know why she cut her nails this way. It's too bad to be salvaged. 

My sis hands. I have 2 sisters. One 3 yrs younger than me, and the other 10 years younger. This is done with OPI Pandamonium Pink, Alpine Snow for the Background. The roses are Rainbow11 and OPI Charged Up Cherry. The leaves are Essie, Mojito Madness. 

These nails pleased my sisters to no end.. and my family as well. Lol. 


  1. Awwww we want to see your hands too :D Nice haul, it sounds like you had fun polish-wise!

    1. Haha.. my nails are on the next post!! I'm the only one running around the malls searching for appropriate polish mementos to bring back home! I imagine all polish-crazy gals do that too.. not only me(?).. hopefully..hehe