Saturday, March 31, 2012

Glam French with a Twist

This is a mani that I did a long long time ago.. I literally dug this photo from my archive. This is something I did when I just started testing the waters of nail art.. and I just did french mani because it was simple. Looking at now and then, I really have come a long way from French mani. 

Used: OPI Step Right Up!, Essie Turquoise and Caicos, CG Refresh Mint

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hunger Games Flames Nails

Hi Everyone, 

I watched the Hunger Games two days ago and I am so inspired by their costumes and fashion!! God, the clothes they wear!! As I told my bf, after five minutes, even blue hair seemed NORMAL... I, of course, had no wish to dye my hair blue, but I could follow fashion on my nails!! Thus, here is my Hunger Games inspired  Flames Nail Art Design.

I did this according to the tutorial here.

On the fourth finger, you see my attempted drawing of the mockingjay. It is hard, but I'm quite satisfied with my pin. I drew it with my silver nail art pen.

The arrow on the ring finger is not supposed to look weird. The light reflected on the SV and made it look like there's a weird silver line that popped up in the middle of the arrow.

Colors Used: Rainbow11, Michelle B46, Michelle80, OPI In My Back Pocket, CG Liquid Leather, Sally Hansen Base Coat

My super handy silver nail art pen!!

Swatches for CG Liquid Leather. Its essentially a black black BLACK polish. It covers extremely well. Opaque in 1 coat. Awesome and super handy polish. 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Swatch OPI Lincoln Park after Dark, LA Girl Scandal

Caution: This post is picture heavy! 

I was in Lot 1 a few weeks ago when there was a sale in SaSa and I caught sight of LA Girls Polish and I gave in to temptation and bought one. I would have bought more but my bf reminded me that I am on a budget... so~~

I decided to swatch it on OPI Lincoln Park since LA Girl Scandal is a sheer purple glitter.

This is 2 coats of OPI Lincoln Park After Dark. It's a dark dark purple that is almost black in certain light. 

The pics below are of Scandal over Lincoln Park. I only put a coat of Scandal over it and it shimmered so beautifully. I couldn't resist snapping a few more photos of it and putting them up here.

I got Scandal at a bargain of $4. It is normally sold at $9, I think. I only see it at BHG, but it's almost always on 20% discount so it's about $7. It's not a bad brand of polish.. not as well-known as OPI, or Essie, or CG, but I think it's quite good too. 

Do you own any LA Girl polishes??

Monday, March 26, 2012

Pink BubbleGum

For some reason, when I look at my nails, they reminded me of bubblegum, and hence the title of the post.

I wanted to try out my new OPI Kiss me on my Tulips from the Holland collection. I only bought two polishes from the collection: Kiss me on my Tulips and I don't Give a Rotterdam. Kiss me on my Tulips is an awesome cream that goes on nicely onto my nails. It is a darker, slightly purple (only the slightest slightest hint) pink. Once it goes on my nails, my mind instantly went into 'decorating mode', and so, I grabbed my dotting tool... 

Used: OPI Kiss me on my Tulips, OPI In my Back Pocket, OPI Pink Friday, Essie Borrowed and Blue 

I went out for a family dinner and got dozens of praises from my aunts. ^^ What do you think about this mani?? 

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Giveaway on TheNailNetwork

Hi peeps,

This will be a fast post. I just returned from shopping and my feet are aching and I'm going to settle back to watch films. I'm going through a historial film phase. It was sparked off by The Duchess, which is acted by Keira Knightly (She's so aweseome and georgeous!!) and followed by Robin Hood and The Young Victoria. I'm going to watch Marie Antoinette, The Other Boleyn Girl, Pope Joan and Mozart's Sister(It's French, so I'll probably try to understand it with my amateur French and English subtitle). 

Back to why I'm posting, I saw this giveaway at TheNailNetwork here so you could join in the fun! Just follow her using GFC and you stand a chance!! Good Luck!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Line Series: Fluttering Butterflies!!

Butterflies!! I have seen a couple of manicures with butterflies, but I wanted to do one where I can make use of my fimo canes. Afterall, I do have a few fimo canes of cute butterflies and it would just be lying unused in a corner if I don't use it in an occasional mani for this site. 

Used: Essie Borrowed and Blue, Elianto 15 & 18, OPI Alpine Snow
I drew the dotted lines using the Nail Art Pen. 

I took a look at this pic and realized my nails are too long and I cut it a while ago. So some of the pics have long nails but some have shorter nails. I've gonna keep them 2-3mm from the nail bed from now on. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Konad Pink Animal Mani

I tested the Konad that I bought yesterday, and ran through my polishes finding good ones to use with the plate. My verdict: There's absolutely no need to spend the extra money to buy the Konad polishes, especially if you have the plenty of polishes at home. All thick, creamy, opaque polishes works wonderful.

Anyway. this manicure consisted of OPI Pandamonium-Pink, and printed with zebra stripes and Leopard prints from M57 using OPI Charged Up Cherry. Charged Up Cherry is my favourite-st pink of all. 

 You can probably see that the zebra print on my ring finger is a little wonky, but it's harder to print zebra than leopard. Probably because it is stripes. I took the easy way out by putting zebra on my index and ring fingers because the nails are shorter, and leopard for the rest. I have to double stamp my thumb and middle finger. 

Overall I think this Konad thing is AWESOME, I'm definitely going to use it more. Of course, that doesn't mean I'm going to stop freehand nail art. Maybe I'll mix both into one mani.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Island Forage + Giveaway

Today is a really really stressed day. I went around the island just to buy three Konad plates, because I absolutely am too impatient to wait for my order to come through from BornPrettyStore. I ordered the 16 nail plates - you can see what I ordered here

Anyway, I went over to my friend's house to try out her stamping kit. Her sister bought the kit recently for my friend but she had problems with getting the design on the stamp. It turned out that she needed more practice, that's all. But looking at her kit, I knew I could not wait for my own order! TWO WEEKS!!!! So, I decided to go and buy my own plates.

I did a quick search online regarding the exact location of where I could buy the stamps. Believe me, Konad is still quite unknown in Singapore. I went to Jurong Point at Boon Lay and found one store that sells Konad. It's a really small section of the Store - Beatle (it's located on the third floor just opposite Chameleon, across the escalator) I had to just the store people to point the section to me. I could only buy M84 because the rest of the design were out of stock. It's selling at $7.90 for 1 plate.

But I really REALLY want M57!! Undefeated, I then headed to IMM, where the forums said that there's a shop/cart (it's totally unclear here) called Elementz selling Konad. I'm telling you, it's NOT FUN to walk around the whole mall trying to locate the tiny shop. Finally, I gave up, and decided to head to Far East Plaza for my plates. 

I abandoned the thought of taking MRT, opting for the bus 105 instead. If you know me, I DO NOT like to go anywhere unknown alone. The chances of me getting lost is too high. As it is, I got off the bus three stops early so I have to walk and walk till I reached Far East. It was a breeze from there. I found the shop (Konad @ #03-109B) easily. It was not stashed in some odd corner like so many small shops there and I, for one, is thankful for that. There is much to say about the shop in Far East, mainly it really is the best place to go if you want to buy all the plates, since they have plenty in stock so you don't need to worry about making a bad trip. 

The whole thing took just over 4 hours for me, which is enough already. Now I'm satisfied and happy with the 3 plates I bought (M57 and M83 were bought from Far East) and can't wait to try them out! I'll be posting them here too!

Meanwhile, there's another Giveaway here, at ChalkBoardNails! Please do participate! She's giving away really really really pretty polishes! I'm drooling just looking at the pictures!! 

I'm tired for now. I intend to put my feet up for the next few days!! I also need to study, since my exams are in 7 weeks.. But I'm so good at procrastinating ~

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Blue Roses

My posting has been rather erratic recently, but I've plenty of good manis coming up! Today's mani is not of the Line Series, but I do like it A LOT! No harm in taking a little break from looking at all that lines...

I've been experimenting with roses, specifically how to draw them as simple as possible but also as real. This is my latest conclusion. I think it's beautiful! My relatives have been gushing over it. 

Used: OPI Alphine White, Michelle B28, Elianto 18, Elianto 15

My Seche Vite Top Coat has ran out. As it happened, my bottle already has bubbles for a while. I continue using it because it is such an AMAZING topcoat. I'm going to buy a new bottle this Sunday at *Scape after the night cycling event that I'm participating in with my bf. Hopefully he's dazed enough (after one night of no sleep) to allow me to buy more than a bottle of top coat and base coat. I have several China Glaze polishes I want to get my hands on!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ribbons and Giveaway!

First of all, since I found another giveaway, I'm gonna post the link here, so that you can join in the fun! I've participated in a couple but I have yet to win.. but you never know... 

Anyway, today's subject is ribbons! There is a konad plate with the ribbon design, but since it is too troublesome, and far more expensive, I drew it with my nail art pens so as to silence my need for the oh-so-awesome stamp. I think the results are so cute!

Used: CG Midnight Mission, Essie Borrowed and Blue, Silver and Black Nail Art Pens

This was the before-ribbon pics. 

On a side note, I think vertical lines makes my nail look so much narrower.