Tuesday, October 29, 2013

In-side out!

Inside out! I'm pretty sure that there's a name for this mani but I'm not sure what it is. 

This is a pretty cool nail art. I went for this color combi instead of the classic black/red because black somehow doesn't look flattering on me. Anyway, these two are Essence polishes. 

I'm in an Econometrics class now, and the teacher is driving me crazy. Or rather, the subject is. Major sigh. 


Trying to clear my drafts. I've got s pair of wedges from crocs which is really very comfortable. It has dark purple straps and nude wedges. So I chose similar colors for my nails, blocked off the top with tape and painter nude for the bottom half. I forgot what polish the nude was, but it's OPI Do You Lilac It for the top half. 


The 'IT' Leopard!

Did this because I was bored of my plain yellow nails (OPI The 'It' Color), and I dug out my nail art pens a while ago which I had thrown aside and completely forgotten about it. So the black was done by a nail art pen bought from a √Čtude House. I really hate using nail art pens, they're so hard to control, And you have to maintain a constant grip. As I said, hard. This nail art looks rather cute, isn't it? 

String Art - Hard and Thick!!

OMG. I just realize how incredibly long my title sounds, even though it was the truth. *Smirking to self*

Finally tried this nail art. Not a particular success, nor does it look very nice. The photos look nicer than in real life though. I can't get the polish to string around my nails.. And after top coat, it kinds of just smudges, and the white base was stained yellow by the yellow and green polishes. 

Boo... Well, at least I gave it a try. Strike. 

Swatch: Glitza Jellies and Shimmer

Glitza Jel

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Matte Pineapple Tarts

Posting another nail art. I forgot what I did this with, and couldn't find it anywhere. I saw a photo of this somewhere on the net and decided to recreate it. I've got work tomorrow, so I'll talk more tomorrow night or thursday! Cya guys!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

For USA, Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day, USA!! 

I'm posting this in the train, on the way back home from work! Yes, I've got  a job, and guess what?? I'm selling polishes for DYON International. We have a showroom at *scape Underground!! Come visit! We have a wide range of products, until even I'm tempted to buy. Lol. Putting a polish addict in a polish haven and I can't stop touching them!! I swear I'd learn all the things about polishes and more within the month.

Alright, before I go on and on about my job (I've already got a list of Kbshimmer to buy and plenty of books from Amazon! - and there goes my pay!), here's my Independence Day mani. I did a gradient with the colors of the US flag: blue white and red. Then, stamped white stars with stamping plate Konad 83, drew the skyline with China Glaze Liquid leather, and the lights with Essence My Sunshine.

I'm not too sure with the colors, jotted it down on a notebook which is at home. I'll update it in time.


Love, peeps! Sorry if this is an incoherent post. My feet are killing me! Lol. 

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Graffiti Nail Art

I'm back with another nail art. Saw a graffiti nail art somewhere on the net, and attempted it. The original set (I didn't save the link, sorry) has more white and just splotches of colors, but mine... overdid the splotches a little. Lol. I used bits from the sponges, dabbed it in polishes, and blotted them on my nails... and the white just disappeared. My writing (or rather, squiggles) are done with a nail brush because I forgot my nail art pen in my art box. Lol. 

Ta-da! My attempt on Graffiti Nail Art! 

Polished I used: OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, China Glaze Liquid Leather, China Glaze Flying High, Holika Holika 28, Elianto s01

Just came back from eating Seoul Garden with my family as a belated family day celebration. Man, are we full! Heading back to my work desk now! 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Valentino for Suzi

Following PrettyandPolished swatch spam, I thought I'd share this glittery mani. I love it so darn much!! This is OPI Pedal Faster Suzi! and PrettyandPolished Valentino. I love the black and white glitter!!! Plus the base has the most awesome silver shimmer and... I'm drooling over this again! 


Monday, June 24, 2013

Swatch: PrettyandPolished

These are PrettyandPolished polishes I bought last year during the cyber monday sale. Which reminds me, I need to set an amount to shop crazily during that day. Haha. 

This is PrettyandPolished Rainy Day Lady. The first two photos are two coats each, while the last one shows only one coat. Love the yellow glitter! So CUTE! Shown over 3 coats of Glitza Shimmer Blue.

PrettyandPolished Candy Coated. Purple glitter in pastel pink base. I got this because it is cheap. Haha. That's why it's a mini bottle. 

PrettyandPolished Chelsea Chelsea Bling Bling. This is four coats, and just opaque enough to suit me. Some VNL still shows still. 

PrettyandPolished Scorpion and the Sea. Got this because I'm a Scorpio. The polish is only so-so. As I said, it was really cheap. Photos aren't great. The sunlight and the camera begins turning odd from here on. =(

I'm pretty proud of myself for clearing out all these old polishes. On the other hand, I'm waiting for the new batch of polishes... that I'll get... soon. 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

OPI Swatch: Ski Teal We Drop

Phew. This swatch is so long ago, I forgot that I even have this polish! That is what mostly happens now, me picking my favorite polish and the rest just sat in the polish bin. That's why I stop buying more - what for? When I almost have all the colors I wanted. Even the indies don't tempt me anymore. Cue restlessness. 

This is OPI Ski Teal We Drop. I tried to get the best most accurate color. It's a dark dark teal that looks almost blue. Like murky dark blue. 

Ta-ta. I realized most enjoy swatches more than nail art, because there're more views for my swatches than the other. I'll have more swatches coming up! 

Friday, June 21, 2013

All the Colors in the World

I hate sponging. Did I mention that? I hate it a lot because of the cleanup. I hate it because even if I tried to get all the polish off my fingers, I can't clean it off entirely. And it's always time-consuming and inefficient. But... for this I put cuticle oil around my nails, it helped a bit, but not by much. 

I present.. The Rainbow Gradient + Black and White glitter! 

Gradient: Rainbow 11, OPI In My Back Pocket, OPI The 'It' Color, OPI Greenwich Village, OPI No Room For the Blues, China Glaze Gothic Lolita. 
I used PrettyandPolished Valentino as the black and white glitter.

I probably should have used a white underwear because the colors doesn't shine as brightly as I wanted them to. Still, I rather like this. 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Herringbone Nails

I finally tried doing a set of Herringbone Nails. I chose different shades of grey and one odd-murky green against a white background. My lines weren't really straight, but I do like this design. 

Polishes used: OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, Holika Holika 11, China Glaze Recyle, OPI Stronger Tides

On a sidenote, the haze here is really really bad. Makes me want to choke and lie down all day.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Swatch: Lush Lacquer Glitter

Remember I got a whole batch of Lush Lacquer..... that was what? One year ago? I can't remember. I wasn't too impress with the formula, because it was too watery, and I have to fish out the glitters. I did about half of the polishes some time ago, and I'm finishing the rest on this post. 

This is Lush Lacquer Slime Time. I like this, unexpectedly. The teal and green glitters against a light green base and white square glitter looks really good. This is four coats. 

This is Lush Lacquer Snap Crackle Pop. This is a blue, red, white 4th of July polish.  

Lush Lacquer Salsa Verde. This is 4 coats, and not opaque.  

Lush Lacquer Cheetahlicious. 3 coats. Smooth glittery gold. 

This is my second swatch of Lush Lacquer Chubby Bubbly. I do like the polish, think that white and black glitter with pink shimmer base if a genius, but the first swatch was a disaster. For this, I put on 3 coats of Glitza Pink Shimmer and 2 coats of Chubby Bubbly. It wasn't thick at all. I made sure all the coats are thin. 
And it looks so... much better! 

That's it for Lush Lacquer! I like that Lush Lacquer has plenty of new colors, but I think the formula, or the supension/glitter ratio needs some revamp. Although.. they may have improved. These are old bottles.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Swatch: China Glaze Spam

Thought I'd put these up now, after a week of nail art. Most of these China Glaze polishes were bought a long time ago, and lying dusty in my box. So, it was a rather fine day to bring it out. Speaking of which, it has been HOT recently. I swear my fingers are sweating... =(

China Glaze Kalahari Kiss. This is a rather odd color, sort of between beige and dusty yellow. It also looks surprisingly pretty against my skin. 

China Glaze Desert Sun. Got this just for the color itself. I don't have enough brown if I need to draw trees and branches on my nails. 

China Glaze Dandy Lyin' Around. This is a shimmer white. Got this for a twist in the plain white background. The first time I used it it was thick and goopy. This time, I allowed more time to try between coats and it was good. Used this recently for my sis' birthday cupcake's cream.  

China Glaze Mosaic Madness. I got this in school -yeah, they have vendors selling polishes in school, talk about feeding my polish addiction. >.< I was regretting buying this after a day, but oh holy lord, this look so pretty. The glitter is good and the photo only shows one coat over CG Kalahari Kiss. Awesome!  

China Glaze Whirled Away aka China Glaze Failed Attempt in Black and White Glitter. When you read all the bad things on other blogs saying how bad this polish is, it IS that bad. No exaggerating. The pieces are hard to manipulate, stuck out, dried matte and cloudy, need to fish for glitter.... and so on. Do not buy. All the indie black and white polishes are tons better. 

Try PrettyandPolished Valentino, or KBShimmer Grayscale. Those two are awesome. I got the first one already, but I'll be getting the second one. It's only a matter of time.... =) 

I've got another swatch post coming up! Lush Lacquer glitter this time!