Friday, January 18, 2013

Ikat Nail Design

Hi! I'm back with Ikat Print nails! Kayla Shevonne put up this tutorial for it last night when I was brainstorming for something to put on my nails so I just did that. It was easy to do, other than the black strokes part. I was supposed to use a 'slight flicking motion' which I have no idea, but I tried to copy her look. She had more spaces between her lines.. Oddly, my left hand was able to do what my right hand couldn't. The nails on my right were more irregular, and 'strokish' (I know that's not a word, LOL.)

I used OPI Do You Lilac It? as the base, and HolikaHolika 28 for contrast. The black and white are China Glaze Liquid Leather and OPI Alpine Snow. I used my new BornPretty liner brushes for the black strokes. 

I do like this design, although sometimes I think it looks like hairy balls of fire. Other than that, it does look like Ikat Print. I wondered if the triangles were too close on my other fingers, and if it was actually supposed to look like my middle nail where there is a space between the two print. What do you think? 

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