Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Four Franken Swatches with a *BONUS

I've been rather diligent at swatching lately so I have plenty of swatches coming up. Everytime I did a bout of swatching, I'm amazed at how some blogs could do 3-4 posts each week.. I'm bored to tears by the time I reach for the third bottle, and swearing on the fifth. I guess I'm more of a wear-a-few-days polish girl.

Anyway, what I have for today, are a few of the frankens I made. I wanted some bright jellies and I didn't want to spend any money.. plus I just can't find out where to get bright colored jellies so I just mixed them myself. It's pretty easy. I get a base color and some topcoat (which I have plenty off - I like TheFaceShop ones best- no dry fast please) and empty bottles. You can get empty bottles from MeiMei's Signatures. She's having a discount: buy five 5ml bottles for $10, and get 1 bottle free. There'll be metal balls included too.

So, the first polish is a bright blue jelly. The base is OPI No Room For The Blues! This is 2 coats. I'm aware of bald patches, but I didn't put another coat because I wanted to layer a glitter over it to show how well it works in a jelly sandwich. You can see it in the bottom right photo (there'll be another post on this sandwich) where I layered it over Glitterdaze HotShot. Swatch and more photos coming up soon!!

I named this Cloudless Sunday Sky.

Next, I pulled out HolikaHolika 28 from my Malaysia Haul recently. I accidentally got 2 bottles of this colors.. but since it's buy 2 get 1 free, and I got 3 sets in total, I'm not going to be picky over it. Okay.. I do mind a teeny tiny bit. My boyfriend helped me named this. This is 2 coats I believe. A squishy orange with a touch of coral. The pictures doesn't show the coral but in real life, it's pinker.

This is Honey Melon

I love YELLOWs!!! Yellow is an instant cheer-me-up! Of course I'll make a yellow jelly!! The base of this is from Elianto S01, a bright yellow. I got the bottle from my trip to Malaysia as well. I hadn't swatch it yet. I threw in a touch of OPI Don't Touch My Tutu, and OPI The 'It' Color. This is 2 coats too. 

I named this Recipe for Sunshine

Lastly, I have a lime green jelly. I made this from Elianto S02, an extremely bright green. I added OPI Don't Touch My Tutu because I wanted it to be paler, and ended up with this lime green. This is 2 coats as well.

This is Lime Concoction.

BONUS: If you're still reading... (thank you!!) here's where I threw in an extra swatch of my previous franken.

This is Fiercely Fiona Franken. I like the alliteration. =) 

I wanted OPI Fiercely Fiona a few months too late and when I started hunting them down.. they were all discontinued ! So I tried to make my own franken and this is what I came up with. This is three coats. I corrected the consistency this time round. =) It's lime from certain angles and yellow in some lighting!! Love this!!! 

That's it!! I certainly have fun mixing these babies up!! Thanks for staying with me!! 

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