Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Swatch: PrettyandPolished Valentino

PrettyandPolished has been around for a very long long time. I believe it was one of the few pioneers in the indie industry. I saw swatches of Jawbreaker, Pool Party and Valentino a year ago, but the shop only shipped within the US. Now it has international shipping (HOORAY!!!) and I want to collect it all!!! 

Valentino is a black and white glitter polish. The polish, as I've come to expect, is awesome. This is only 1 coat each! There's a HUGE white glitter but I didn't like that so I avoid it. Isn't this awesome? Reminds me a little of cookies and cream.and Oreos!! 

The base is OPI Did It On 'Em

Thanks for dropping by!!

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