Thursday, June 13, 2013

Flower Post 3: Chevron and Flowers

This is one of my own designs. I was bombarded by inspirations -sometimes I go search for them when my hands itch for something new- and I needed more hands! Fortunately, my sisters were free from school, it been school holidays now, so I'm doing nails like crazy for them. My family and friends keep asking why I wouldn't look for a job in a nail salon. I've a theory: obligation takes all the fun out of everything. If I were to become a nail technician, I'll lose interest in nail art eventually, and come to hate it. My interests ebb and flow in time, as does people in my life. I have a hard time connecting with people, being perfectly content being alone. I hate it when I'm being forced into things, made even worse when anyone say 'That's life. Just accept it.' It makes me so..... ANGRY! 

I'm not sure which I love more, the flowers or the chevrons. The chevrons were hell to do! I had to double-taped the lines to make it thicker, and some places weren't done probably, and then sponged the gradient over it. It was worth it... after plenty of swearing. 

Polishes used: OPI Alpine Snow, OPI Dating a Royal, OPI Fly, OPI Did It On 'Em, OPI The 'It Color, OPI In My Back Pocket

Nah, this isn't the end of the Flower Post. More to come!!

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