Sunday, June 16, 2013

Swatch: Indie Spam

Four indie polishes today: Rainbow polish, Cirque, Different Dimension, Glitterdaze. 

Rainbow Polish Taffy over 3 coats of Glitza Seagreen. I love my Rainbow Polish because it has translucent glitter! That's why I bought them! Lol. 

GlitterDaze April Rain. The first swatch sucks, which is why i did it again. Blue and silver and sparkles. 

Cirque Fleur est Belle. This is a MeiMei's Signatures' Cirque Exclusive. 

Different Dimension Doppelganger. I hate my Different Dimensions. It is not opaque enough and four coats is like one coat of OPI Jellies. Frustrating. Plus, I need underwear for this. Boo. 

Ta-da! That's it, folks! 

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