Sunday, June 9, 2013

Swatch: PrettyandPolished and Etude House Glitter

More Swatches! These are pretty old photos, and I'm trying to clear my folders! Don't worry if you're sick of these already, I'm got enough nail art to make your eyes roll and sigh as well. Lol.

PrettyandPolished Private School. I've got plenty of PnP, but I haven't been using them a lot. PnP is on my top brand among indie, together with KBShimmer. 

PrettyandPolished King of C-c-cool. Worn this twice already. Which is extremely rare, believe me. 

Etude House PBK601. This is MUCH better than China Glaze It's a Trapze, which I showed here. CG's formula is thick and very difficult to wear, while EH nailed it perfectly. They're dupes, and I'd recommend EH instead of CG. 

GlitterDaze Hot Spot. First photo: One coat over two coats of my own franken: Cloudless Sunday Sky. Second Photo: Jelly sandwich of Cloudless Sunday Sky and Hot Spot

Final swatch post in a row coming up soon. I'm doing more as I speak, but I think these new ones can wait a while.

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