Saturday, June 8, 2013

Swatches: Faceshop Pastels and Odds

I'm back after a long hiatus of 4 months. To make up for that, I'm going to spam posts. I have been doing nail art like crazy, so I've been saving up! I love The Face Shop Pastels! They're just so freaking bright! I even bought doubles for everything!

The Face Shop GR501

YL 701. This is very favorite!!


I've included a comparison of China Glaze Flyin' High and TheFaceShop GR 506. It's CG on Index and Ring fingers, and TFS for the others. 


I'm including a swatch of China Glaze Flyin' High. It's a nice teal, but I might have to start avoiding this color. I have too many to name. Three coats. Perfect formula. 

I've ordered glitter from BornPretty too but I've hardly used them. This is my first try, and I'm not sure if I like it. They always look so nice on others' nails, but on mine, bleah. 
Speaking of which, BornPretty has recently revamp their website, which is now easier to navigate. 

That's it for today! I'm back.... sorta. 

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