Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Glitter Leopard!

So, I've got China Glaze Dorothy Who? on my nails and I decided to create some nail art on it. I went for the leopard prints because I've seen plenty of glitter leopard and they always look so sparkly!! 

I dotted some OPI What's with the Cattitude and outlined it with brackets with China Glaze Liquid Leather. What do you think of this look as opposed to the traditional leopard mani? 

Thanks for dropping by!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Swatch: China Glaze Dorothy Who?

This is one polish you need to get your hands on!!! I've heard of this polish but everytime I look at it, I thought 'hm.. it's not at the top of my to-buy list' so I cast it aside. Now I've finally got it- WOW. The glitter payoff is CRAZY! And it shines brilliantly in the sun!!  

This is 3 coats of thin blue tiny shimmer. LOVE it!!!!

Get your hands on this one!!!! Can't believe I waited so long!! >.<

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Swatch: LushLacquer Midnight Affair

I've only used Midnight Affair once, and it was on a pink background, so I hardly remember what it looks it. The individual colors popped up more on a grey background, which is a pretty good pairing, if I may say so! This is 2 coats of Midnight Affair on China Glaze Recycle. 

Sadly, I won't be buying anything from Etsy for some time because all the international shipping rates have gone up (by a lot!!) and that have increased the prices of each individual polish! Time to spam OPIs and KBshimmer (since I'll probably want the free shipping at Harlow&Co.) 

Thanks for dropping by!!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Swatch: China Glaze Recycle

Another swatch! This is 3 coats of Recyle. I've been looking for a grey for some time, so I finally got this after researching extensively online. This is a grey, no greenish-grey, dark grey for me. I haven't yet used this other than swatching. -.- I really need to stop buying polish! At the same time... why are the swatches of all the new collections so beautiful?????????? WHY!!!!!!!! 

The frequent use of polish remover has made my hands very dry. Fortunately, being too busy to do my nails every other day has cured me of it. Lol. 

It's the DARN LONG weekend! Time for us to visit our relatives and collect plenty of red packets! Hope you all enjoy yourselves!!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Swatch: KBshimmer Shipwreck

Wow!!! Has it been really that long since I last posted anything? Time flew, really! Haha. 

I'm finally posting my swatch from KBshimmer. I got 6 bottles of it two restocks ago (yes, I didn't buy anything during the last restock, which is pretty awesome of me. Indeed, I haven't bought anything much recently, except for a lipstick @ $19.90 and stationery/ art and craft stuff at Qoo10 for $31.90. Can't wait for see them!!) 

This is Shipwreck! I like it more in the sun, where I can see the depth of the polish. It's pretty outstanding really. I put on 3 coats, I think, and I had to dab some glitters because I was trying to cover up bare spots. Then, I realized it might look nice and show off the depth better. 

The formula is much better after you shake it. I realized it says so on the website, but I didn't follow the instructions until I swatch Berry Patch (which I forgot to photo). Serves me right for not listening to them! 

KBshimmer spring/collection will be out on 15Feb! It's going to take plenty of convincing not to buy 10 bottles at one go! It's cheaper on the shipping anyway (free international shipping if you purchase more than $50). So, do watch out for that. 

That's all I have for today! Happy Chinese New Year!!