Some Details About Me

First of all, I'm starting this off with where I am. I am a Singaporean, and that's important because my blog would have details about where to get nail art supplies since most of them could not be bought in a common store in a mall. This is not the US or Europe afterall, and sadly, mails and parcels come attached with outrageous price most of the time. 

I am still in University, mainly studying in SIM-UOL, majoring in Economics. There was a time I would rather die than touch Economics, but I have to say Economics in University is different from College, and I am enjoying it. It is the math that is killing me.

I put up this blog so that I could keep track of my nails, as well as certain dates of when I did them. It is purely as an interest only. I have friends who enjoy nail art too, and we are thinking about collaborating to do another blog, but if that happens, it would only be after mid-May. I would love to talk to anyone who is as interested in nail art as well.. please feel free to email me at

That's all I can think about for now.. Ciao!!